3 Tips to Help You Save Big When Replacing Your Car Tyres


The kind of tyres you get for your car is important, because good tyres can increase fuel efficiency, increase speed without sacrificing stability, ensure braking stability, reduce likelihood of accidents and all in all give you a smooth ride for a long time. Given the harsh economy, car owners are looking for ways to save money buying tyres without sacrificing any of the above. This article provides tips on how to do just that.

1. Time a tyre sale

Different tyre manufacturers hold sales at different times of the year, but most places will have a sale just before summer (when people start going on road trips and joy-rides) and just before winter (to take advantage of people needing tyres to survive winter). You need regular tyre inspection including tread measurement so that you know when your tyres need replacing. From here, start looking around for different offers then wait for the next sale at your ideal tyre centre.

2. Increase your bargaining power

Two things determine how much bargaining power you have: where you shop and how much you know.

First, you're unlikely to get much shaved off the tyre price at your local mechanic/dealership who are brokers, because they have little profit margins. If you're a member in warehouses and large marts like K-Mart, you may get some discount, particularly if you go during sale periods. Your best shot at a huge discount, however, is to go with salespeople at tyre chain-stores who have more wiggle-room, including match-any-price abilities.

Second, it's important to conduct a lot of research before stepping into a tyre shop. Compare tyre brands, pricing, types and perks online and be sure to scope tyre review sites to get insights from real drivers. The cost of your tyres depends on the type of car you have, so search accordingly. When a salesperson sees you know what you're saying, they'll think twice before trying to hoodwink you and be more willing to negotiate on level ground.

3. Replace all your tyres together

One way to shave money off your tyre expenditure is to replace all your tyres together. Not only will you benefit from economies of scale (spend less buying more), but you're likely to get one or more free perks or services from the retailer. Services include things like tyre rotation, wheel balancing, tyre mounting, air pressure checks, puncture repair, oil changes among others. Online shoppers may not get services, but can get free shipping, prepaid gift cards, rebates and discounts among others.

Replacing your tyres together can also give you road-hazard warranties at cheaper prices and other benefit programs. However, be sure to read the fine print to know your responsibilities and what they cover. For instance, to get free tyres if they wear out before their guaranteed tread life, you may have to prove that you maintained properly according to manufacturer's guidelines. 


6 September 2017

Keeping Your Tyres in Good Condition

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Stan and this is my brand new blog. I hope you like it. This blog will be dedicated to the topic of how to keep the tyres and wheels on your car are in good condition. I learnt about this subject the hard way and it is my hope that this blog will prevent you from having to do the same. It all started when I was driving down the road and I heard a very loud bang. The next thing I know, I can see one the wheels of my car travelling down the road next to my vehicle. However, it was not attached to my car! The guy in the auto repair shop fix it up and explained how I could look after my wheels and tyres in the future.