When Should You Remove And Change Your Car Tyres


When it comes to car ownership, safety is very important. Cars can break down in various ways, at any location and at any time. Sometimes, the problem will be complex and will require the change of expensive pieces of machinery. Often, it can be as simple as a flat tyre. Flat tyres require immediate care.

Changing a tyre is tricky, particularly if you've not done it before. To avoid experiencing such an unfortunate inconvenience on the side of a highway or alone on a cross-country road, you'll want to change your tyres when they've worn down.   

Estimating How Long Your Tyres Will Last

Every year, there are over a million new vehicles sold in Australia. Generally, these vehicles will come with a warranty that applies to the entire automobile. The tyres will usually have a shorter warranty than the engine and will come from a different manufacturer than that of a car. However, despite most tyre warranties being about 3-4 years, a tyre can usually last much longer without posing a problem. Five years is the period most tyre manufacturers will advise that you keep in mind. Nevertheless, proper maintenance and disciplined use can make your tyres last longer.

In order to check how much more 'life' your tyres have ahead of them, you'll want to look for their manufacture date. That is the small number on their sidewall. You will also be advised to go for a yearly inspection, during which your care provider will let you know what measures can be taken to expand their life cycle.

Causes Of Tyre Damage And How To Expand Tyre Lifespans

The primary factor in how long your tyres will last is the amount of damage they're subjected to. Naturally, some conditions such as hazardous, uneven roads and or having to drive longer distances than most manufacturer estimates account for can lead to a lower tyre lifespan than expected. Tyres, while extremely resistant, are susceptible to wear from the constant contact with chemicals such as tar that are used to make roads. Damage can occur from contact with anything remotely sharp, ranging from stones to potholes and kerbs to speed bumps.

During your yearly maintenance visits, you'll want to make sure your tyres' air pressure, tread wear and alignment are up to par. These care practices can expand their longevity and even make your driving more comfortable.

Contact a local tyre shop to learn more.


16 November 2020

Keeping Your Tyres in Good Condition

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Stan and this is my brand new blog. I hope you like it. This blog will be dedicated to the topic of how to keep the tyres and wheels on your car are in good condition. I learnt about this subject the hard way and it is my hope that this blog will prevent you from having to do the same. It all started when I was driving down the road and I heard a very loud bang. The next thing I know, I can see one the wheels of my car travelling down the road next to my vehicle. However, it was not attached to my car! The guy in the auto repair shop fix it up and explained how I could look after my wheels and tyres in the future.