Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Car's Tyres


Your car's tyres hold your vehicle steady on the road with their gripping power. So if you want to stay safe while driving, check their tread regularly. The tyres won't engage the road as strongly once the rubber wears down, and your car won't feel as easy to handle. When it's raining, it may seem to slip and slide on the road. While it's important not to delay replacing the tyres when required, you can take steps to make them last as long as possible.

18 April 2022

Industrial Facility Conditions Suitable for Dual Wheel Casters


Over the years, automation has taken over warehouse operations, improving efficiency significantly. Nonetheless, carts are still considered an integral part of warehouse operations. Therefore, choosing the right castors for your carts is essential for an efficient warehouse. Dual wheel castors are a unique design that can transform products' transportation in a holding facility. However, you must know where to use dual-wheel castors to make your carts productive. This article highlights warehouse conditions ideal for dual-wheel castors.

22 July 2021

When Should You Remove And Change Your Car Tyres


When it comes to car ownership, safety is very important. Cars can break down in various ways, at any location and at any time. Sometimes, the problem will be complex and will require the change of expensive pieces of machinery. Often, it can be as simple as a flat tyre. Flat tyres require immediate care. Changing a tyre is tricky, particularly if you've not done it before. To avoid experiencing such an unfortunate inconvenience on the side of a highway or alone on a cross-country road, you'll want to change your tyres when they've worn down.

16 November 2020

Four Tips to Keep Your Tyres Lasting a Long Time


When the wear on your tyres means that they are no longer roadworthy, you must change them for newer ones. Some drivers put off changing their tyres until the last minute, which means they could be driving illegally or unsafely. Of course, new tyres mean spending some of your hard-earned dollars, so keeping them in as good a condition as possible is advisable rather than pushing them beyond their limitations. What do you need to do to keep your tyres lasting for longer?

22 January 2019

Industrial Castors: Which Materials Are Suitable for Specialised Applications?


If you are planning on purchasing new wheel castors for unique applications in your industrial operation, there are multiple factors that you must consider during selection. One of these crucial elements is the material used to fabricate the castors. Often, industrial applications of the wheels will involve adverse working environments and unique load aspects. Therefore, your choice of material will determine the cart performance, ease of movement, durability and price of purchase.

22 September 2017

Tyre Maintenance Tips Every Truck Owner Should Employ


Your truck may be an extremely sturdy vehicle, but this does not mean that it is immune to wear. One of the aspects of your vehicle that would require particular attention would be your truck tyres. If you tend to drive off-road with your vehicle, tyre maintenance becomes even more important to ensure that you are not taking on rough terrain with un-roadworthy tyres. Not to mention that proper maintenance will also ensure that that the lifespan of your tyres is prolonged, which translates into decreased tyre replacement costs for you.

13 September 2017

3 Tips to Help You Save Big When Replacing Your Car Tyres


The kind of tyres you get for your car is important, because good tyres can increase fuel efficiency, increase speed without sacrificing stability, ensure braking stability, reduce likelihood of accidents and all in all give you a smooth ride for a long time. Given the harsh economy, car owners are looking for ways to save money buying tyres without sacrificing any of the above. This article provides tips on how to do just that.

6 September 2017