Four Tips to Keep Your Tyres Lasting a Long Time


When the wear on your tyres means that they are no longer roadworthy, you must change them for newer ones. Some drivers put off changing their tyres until the last minute, which means they could be driving illegally or unsafely. Of course, new tyres mean spending some of your hard-earned dollars, so keeping them in as good a condition as possible is advisable rather than pushing them beyond their limitations. What do you need to do to keep your tyres lasting for longer?

Sit Back in Traffic

Applying your brake, especially when you do so hard, means causing wear on your tyres. Every time you apply your brake pedal, the rubber on your tyres will age. You can help to improve the longevity of your tyres by pressing on the brake pedal less often and less hard. The best way to achieve this is to leave more road between you and the car in front. This way, you can react by simply taking your foot off the accelerator – rather than braking – much more often.

Have Your Wheels Aligned

Tyre alignment services are a great way of getting more life out of your tread. In fact, incorrectly aligned tyres will often cause a radial form of wear on tyres because just one section of the tyre is doing the work of gripping the road. Tyre alignment means getting each pair of tyres set in a perfectly parallel position to one another, helping to reduce stress on the gripping part of the tyre. Furthermore, wheels which are correctly aligned help to improve fuel efficiency.

Pull Away Less Hard

If you like to dump the clutch and put your foot down when you pull away, your tyres will suffer. Simply put, gently pulling away makes all the difference to the life of your tyres. Acceleration from stationary will often mean wheel spinning, particularly if it has been wet or you are on a loose road surface. In turn, this wears the rubber of your tyres down.

Park in the Shade

When your tyres are exposed to lots of sunshine, they will end up degrading. Over time, rubber compounds break down from exposure to ultraviolet light. If you can park regularly in shaded spots, then your tyres will end up having a longer life. Sunshine degradation tends to affect the sides of tyres, and you notice it with little bulges that develop in the rubber. If you see them, then your tyres need to be changed as soon as possible.


22 January 2019

Keeping Your Tyres in Good Condition

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Stan and this is my brand new blog. I hope you like it. This blog will be dedicated to the topic of how to keep the tyres and wheels on your car are in good condition. I learnt about this subject the hard way and it is my hope that this blog will prevent you from having to do the same. It all started when I was driving down the road and I heard a very loud bang. The next thing I know, I can see one the wheels of my car travelling down the road next to my vehicle. However, it was not attached to my car! The guy in the auto repair shop fix it up and explained how I could look after my wheels and tyres in the future.