Three Car Tyre Tips for Senior Citizens


One of the most important safety features on a car is its tyres, yet many people neglect them until they need replacing. As a senior citizen, you may find that the costs of tyre replacement and regular maintenance is challenging as your purse strings tighten and physical fitness declines. If this sounds like you, check out these car tyre tips for senior citizens.

Shop around for a discount

Replacing four worn car tyres can be an expensive process, especially if you're on a pension. To make sure that you can afford the best quality and safest tyres for your car, spend some time shopping around for a great deal. Mention to your local tyre shop that you are a pension card or seniors card holder, as many tyre centres offer a discount on products and services for seniors. If you have car insurance or roadside assistance, they may also offer a discount — contact your insurance company directly for more information on discounts and deals. With a decent discount, you can afford to get good quality tyres for your car.

Choose tyres for a smooth ride

Many new cars come with a sports tyre and suspension package, but this usually produces quite a noisy, stiff ride. As you age, you're more likely to feel the bumps and knocks of an uneven road surface as you drive. If you have a bad back or joints, you may be particularly sensitive to a rough drive. While you might not be able to do too much about the state of your local roads, you can drastically improve the quality of your drive by choosing the best tyres for your car. Ask your tyre centre specialist to recommend the best touring tyre for a soft ride, long life and good fuel economy.

Ask for help with checks and maintenance

When it comes to increasing the life of your tyres and fuel economy, regular checks and maintenance is crucial. If you no longer feel fit enough to regularly check your tyre pressure, ask a friend, family member or friendly local garage attendant to do so for you. While they're at it, ask them to check over the tyres for signs of damage, embedded objects, bubbles, cracks and worn tread. Regularly checking the condition and pressure of your spare tyre is pretty vital too, so ask your trusty helper to do this at the same time. Regular tyre rotation, at around 8.000-10.000 km will also extend the lifespan and reliability of your tyres, so have your local tyre shop take care of this for you regularly to save yourself some serious cash.


29 August 2017

Keeping Your Tyres in Good Condition

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Stan and this is my brand new blog. I hope you like it. This blog will be dedicated to the topic of how to keep the tyres and wheels on your car are in good condition. I learnt about this subject the hard way and it is my hope that this blog will prevent you from having to do the same. It all started when I was driving down the road and I heard a very loud bang. The next thing I know, I can see one the wheels of my car travelling down the road next to my vehicle. However, it was not attached to my car! The guy in the auto repair shop fix it up and explained how I could look after my wheels and tyres in the future.