3 Reasons Why Your Car Might Not Be Handling Very Well


The way your car handles, meaning how well you can control it and how smoothly it rides over the pavement, is important for your safety when you're behind the wheel. If your car pulls to one side or slides away from you when turning, you can actually lose control of the vehicle, and this is obviously very dangerous for you and other drivers. This type of rough handling can also be putting added wear and tear on the car's transmission, steering column and the parts that connect the tyres to the car body. If your car is suddenly not handling very well, note 3 reasons why this might be happening, so you know what to discuss with your mechanic when it comes to necessary repairs.

Tyre wear

You may assume that your tyres are fine if they're only a few years old, but there are many things that can cause early wear on your car's tyres; this includes driving on very hot pavement, as extreme heat can soften rubber and cause tyre tread to wear down. Driving on rough, unpaved roads, over gravel or hard sand, or in very deep snow can also cause the tread of tyres to wear down and damage the rubber of tyres. If your car is suddenly sliding or skidding around or not handling well, have the tyres checked for premature damage and the need for replacement.

Damaged shocks

Shocks cushion your ride when you're in the car, but they also offer stability for the car's body when you're driving, and even when you're turning. Those shocks absorb movement of the car's frame so that the tyres don't carry as much weight or feel as much resistance, and the car then handles better. If the shocks are worn, this can mean a rougher ride and less control over the car, so have them checked if you notice added bouncing, swaying or pulling when you're behind the wheel.

Power steering

If the car is low on power steering fluid, the steering wheel might become very stiff so that you cannot move it easily and control the car. The car may then slide when you try to turn a corner, as the wheels are not turning as much as they should and will resist that curve. If your car doesn't handle well, especially when turning, have the individual who services your car check for leaks in the power steering system so you know that fluid is always at a proper level.


1 September 2017

Keeping Your Tyres in Good Condition

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Stan and this is my brand new blog. I hope you like it. This blog will be dedicated to the topic of how to keep the tyres and wheels on your car are in good condition. I learnt about this subject the hard way and it is my hope that this blog will prevent you from having to do the same. It all started when I was driving down the road and I heard a very loud bang. The next thing I know, I can see one the wheels of my car travelling down the road next to my vehicle. However, it was not attached to my car! The guy in the auto repair shop fix it up and explained how I could look after my wheels and tyres in the future.