Industrial Facility Conditions Suitable for Dual Wheel Casters


Over the years, automation has taken over warehouse operations, improving efficiency significantly. Nonetheless, carts are still considered an integral part of warehouse operations. Therefore, choosing the right castors for your carts is essential for an efficient warehouse. Dual wheel castors are a unique design that can transform products' transportation in a holding facility. However, you must know where to use dual-wheel castors to make your carts productive. This article highlights warehouse conditions ideal for dual-wheel castors. 

Floor Preservation

The condition of a warehouse's floor plays an integral role when choosing castor wheels. For instance, dual-wheel castors are suitable for a warehouse that has recently undergone floor renovations. The reason is that single-wheel castors put a lot of pressure and accelerate wear and tear. On the other hand, dual-wheel castors reduce load pressure on the ground, allowing a new floor to cure adequately before being subjected to heavy use. Dual wheel castors are also excellent for facilities that handle heavy machines, such as an aerospace hanger, and must preserve the floor's condition. 

Need for Easier Swiveling

When moving a cart loaded with heavy goods, it takes a lot of force to make a single-wheel castor swivel. It can be attributed to the fact that heavy loads exert too much pressure on a swivel system, making it difficult to move with ease. As a result, a swivelling wheel gets scrubbed on the ground every time you struggle to turn a cart. Notably, dual-wheel castors are the best choice when you need easy swivelling, especially when moving heavy loads. The reason is that as one wheel in a dual wheel configuration turns clockwise, the other rotates anticlockwise during the swivelling. Most importantly, the movement reduces scrubbing and makes swivelling simpler. Ultimately, you do not need to break your back to turn a fully loaded cart. 

Reduction of Cart Height

One advantage of low carts is that they are safer to operate thanks to their low centre of gravity. However, the only way you can reduce a cart's height without affecting its original capacity is to use dual-wheel castors. The wheels allow you to minimise wheel diameter and cart height without affecting load capacity. It is possible because dual wheels ensure the even distribution of load weight across a wide surface area. However, keep in mind that dual-wheel castors on a low cart require more swivelling room for better handling. 

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22 July 2021

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